Ted’s Message gets out

Ted Murphy, CEO of IZEA sent out a Tweet and put up a post on the IZEA blog. He called for people to shoot photos of themselves with Pringles. He then used the photos in part of a presentation titled “The Social Media Symphony” subtitled “Harness the power of social media to drive traffic and sales”. And he achieved that with his example of how the power of a single tweet and post could stir up people to go buy Pringles and take pictures of themselves with Pringles.


Here are the other people who couldn’t stop the pop.

Corrin from corrinrenee.com

Owen from u-g-h.com

Connie from Brain Foggles

And here is what people said about Ted’s presentation.

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8 thoughts on “Ted’s Message gets out”

  1. Chuckess,
    I love spam messages that reference nothing, add nothing and contain nothing. Thanks for nothing. You did use a name and not a keyword but I still removed the link.

  2. Owen,
    Yeah I should do that too. I sometimes remove everything and change the spam name to something and even respond to the comment. I am addicted to responding to my comments. Saw your post, very well done and I like the new look of the honeypot. Great job. Yesterday I was helping a friend set up wordpress on Bluehost and lo and behold I saw a post by you in the forum. I was like, Hey! I know that blogger!

  3. I was there for Ted’s presentation. It was excellent. He did a great job of incorporating interesting stories, links to great tools, and real world examples of how to leverage web 2.0 for a variety of reasons. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks for the Pringles photos.

    David E. Bowman’s last blog post..Can You Learn to Be Creative?

  4. David,
    Thanks for stopping by this blog to let me know about your experience at the presentation. Ted is a good speaker and his passion for what he does is incredible. I’m glad that carried through to the audience.

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