That is one TALL Sunflower!

Photo-A-Day #2298

For weeks I have been watching the growth progress of this sunflower. My sister plant them each year and I love photographing them up close and from different angles. today I just wanted to get a shot of how tall it was. If I am standing next to it and raise my arms as high as they can go I can barely touch the bottom petals. Amazing.

On the way to work I drive by a lone sunflower. It is sticking out from a guardrail as I go around a rotary to get onto the highway. There is just one and it is facing away from me. I sort of worry that it will get hit but love it’s spirit of just sticking out there. I get deep when I’m driving and alone with my thoughts.

3 thoughts on “That is one TALL Sunflower!”

  1. It is amazing. Maybe Tara will plant some sun flowers at the new house with Eva.

  2. It’s really a pretty tall Sunflower. I think the last time I remembered a Sunflower this height was so many years ago in Ghana, West Africa.

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