The Cow Says Moo

The Cow says Moo
Photo-A-Day #1388

For some reason the see and say won’t get out of my head. We don’t have one but I just remember the commercials and that is what is in my head as I write this post. No creativity tonight, this is a photo of Eva’s new cow that she got at Hersey Park. Allison too her to the free ride that they have that explains how chocolate is made. Afterward they went to the gift show and Eva snatched up this cute little bovine.

Quiet day around here, after church I took a nap on the couch, sitting up (I’m starting to get like my friend Neil – long story from skiing). Then I went to the supermarket. I was very disappointed to see that there were no pepper jack Cheez-Its at the store. They had every other flavor. I’m not happy with that because The Pepper Jack Cheez-It is the most perfect alternate Cheez-It ever. The Sunshine people are just stinging me along with promises of tasty alternate Cheez-Its and when I find one I truly love it is no where to be found.

I did try something new in the store and I think that Stop & Shop is really embracing a culture that likes constant information and use of technology. I always use the personal shopper scanners and so I scan and bag my groceries throughout the trip. I had never used the Deli Kiosk though to place my deli order. I saw the line of people and decided to check it out. I went over scanned my Stop & Shop card and placed my order. They have an option for favorites so that if you get 1lb of American Cheese each week then that is your favorite and it makes for an easy reorder. But what I really liked was that the kiosk could text you when the order was ready, so I could go, shop and when the order was up and ready I’d get a text message on my phone to let me know I could pick it up. Of course I find out that this is redundant for me because by using the personal shopper scanner and because I used my Stop & Shop card at the kiosk the two devices were tied together and a message came up on my scanner to tell em that my order was ready. I love this technology. The one thing it is missing is the ability to actually place your order on the personal shopper scanner. Now that would certainly be something awesome.

6 thoughts on “The Cow Says Moo”

  1. Pepper Jack Cheez-its must be like Smoky bacon Pringles. I wrote to the Pringles people and they assured me that they are still produced but they also nowhere to be found.
    There is some kind of snack conspiracy.
    Andrew, I am going to find out who the snack Illuminati are and why they are hiding/withholding our favorite snacks. THERE HAS TO BE A REASON.
    Because without reason, there would be Snack Anarchy.
    If I can make this happen , next step bring the McRib back to the Mcdonald’s in Massachusetts( they have it other places)

    lennys last blog post..

  2. Anna,
    You do still have to stand int he checkout line but you can go to the self check out lines as well as to the 12 items or less lines, much quicker.

  3. Lenny,
    I intend to seek out answers from the Sunshine people. They have done an evil thing in making me so excited about these snacks and then taking them away. If you see them buy them, they are fantastic.

  4. I actually DID have one of those “the cow says moo things.” Imagine how lodged it is in MY head. I think the one that sticks with you most is the Rooster.

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