The new IZEA Boards

I’ve been a member of the IZEA community since before it was called IZEA. This company constantly innovates and reinvents itself and the resources it has available. Recently the IZEA Boards had a complete overhaul. There are sections for Community, the IZEA sites like Rockstartup, Zookoda and PayPerPost and even a section for Better Blogging.

I haven’t always been a fan of message boards. I’ve seen drama unfold like an afternoon soap opera on message boards. But, I think that you miss out on half of the community aspect of an organization that you are part of if you don’t participate in the message boards a little. For instance, I would not have known that registration for IZEAFest 2008 was open had it not been for someone using the boards and telling me about it. That got my butt in gear to sign up and register for the event.

The message boards are also great places to exchange ideas with other people, connect with friends and help people out. I am excited over the many innovations that have been added to the IZEA boards. If you are at all interested in RockStartup, PAyPerPost, SocialSpark or any of the IZEA properties than it behooves you to visit the boards. Poke around, say hello and get to know the community.

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6 thoughts on “The new IZEA Boards”

  1. Carol, just click the Visit the boards link in the post and it will take you right tot he IZEA boards. Also I think that Linky is a plug in for Firefox only.

  2. Hi! I visited it already and found a lot of very useful talks. I have a questioned before regarding opportunities then i read one of the thread there and i was really thankful that i have visited.

  3. I have enjoyed spending time at the boards as well. I find them much more fun. And yes, I will see you on the Green Carpet.

  4. Iris,
    There is a ton of great information on the boards and there are some friendly people there as well. I am glad that you found them. Glad I could help.

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