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My office studio
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00210

I’ve been at home this week because I have work to do. I worked the weekend and then had to get four videos edited and processed from my trip to New York. I went to YouTube Space New York with my friend Becky and we shot 4 videos. However the videos will be broken down into a total of 8 videos between our sites. We shot a part one and part two to three of the videos and then we switched roles and channels for another toy unboxing video. On one day we used a three camera setup to capture the two of us together and then each of us individually. I think it worked out really well.

the challenge, however is to then sync up each of the soundtracks, decide which one to use and then edit them to reduce noise. We also had to make some aesthetic changes to make the videos look consistent. We had three different cameras and that is a challenge. Editing the video took about 4 hours in the hottest room of the house. Once I was done and the one video was uploaded I was way too sweaty and spent to make a new video to post. Luckily I am re-posting much of my back catalogue of Transformers comic book reviews until this weather breaks. And I also have so many more toy reviews and whatnot to bring you in the coming weeks but I am very happy with how I edited these videos and cannot wait to share them once they have approval form YouTube.