The Pop Candy Podcast: Y: The Last Man

Pop Candy is a blog that is part of USA Today. It is written by Whitney Matheson. Whitney is pretty up on what is happening in Pop Culture and most of here news is cutting edge. I tend to go there a couple of times a day to be updated in all things Pop culture. I’ve taken to listening to my iPod in the car as of late and I am getting caught up with Whitney’s Podcasts. She has a great voice for a podcast and I like listening to her interviews. I’ve only gotten through 3 of them so far, but what I have heard has been very good. This morning I learned all about the different jobs on the movie set and this afternoon I listened to a podcast about a comic book that I may want to read. Since the series will be over soon (I’m not sure if it is or not) I can get all the trade paperbacks soon and read them at once if it is something I am interested in. From the discussion that was going on with the creator of Y:The Last Man I think this is something I would like to read.