The Proof is in Thoof…

So today I came across a very cool site called Thoof. It is a website where you can get personalized news based on your preferences. But you do not submit a set of preferences instead you read articles and decide if you like them, do nothing after reading, or if you decide that the article is not interesting. I signed up for Thoof after watching a very informative screencast about the website and the concepts and technology behind it. I am pretty sure that this will be a site that I visit on a daily basis.

Why would I choose to read another site full of articles and blog posts when I already have a feed reader and a couple hundred feeds coming to me on a daily basis. Well for one thing the Google reader does not learn the things that I like the way that Thoof does. Just by reading articles and either leaving them be (thus saying you like them) or marking them as not interesting (saying you did not like them) Thoof will present you with more articles along the same vein as the ones that you say you like.

But that is not all that you can do with Thoof, you can submit articles for inclusion in Thoof. You can improve a submitted article. Improve on what someone submitted, I found that to be interesting. You are not changing what the article says but rather you can make suggestions to change the article blurb and add keywords to the article. This is important because by improving the synopsis blurb about an article you may catch the eye of other readers and by adding keywords you make the articles much more searchable. And the collaborative filter technology is great because articles are not presented based on votes or other gameable factors, rather users must do some reading to make articles more popular as well as mark them as the types of articles that you are looking to read. I think this is going to be one sweet site. Check it out.

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