Thinking about a camera

I am thinking about getting a new video camera. I would really like the Sanyo E1 waterproof digital video camera. It looks great and there have been some very good reviews on for this camera. And the blue version is on sale today as well. But I can’t quite justify a new toy at the moment.

Do you know of a good digital video camera that is waterproof and has good quality images? Drop a comment here and let me know.

6 thoughts on “Thinking about a camera”

  1. Get a Canon Powershot. Not sure if they have a waterproof version, but they’re really cool. And cheap too.

  2. I have a canon powershot SD 800is but what I really like about the Sanyo is the ability to swivel the screen 270 degrees to come right back at you. I know I can get a waterproof case for it and that might be an option.

  3. I used to use Canon’s all the time but then I managed to get an Olympus MJU830 at a really good price.

    Really love the camera, takes beautiful pictures, lots of modes & functions to play around with. But the icing on the cake is that the battery lasts for absolutely ages! Most of the other cameras that I’ve bought seem to run out fairly quickly.

    So if you’ve not bought a camera yet check that one out!


  4. Carlos, your site is really good. I enjoyed watching the videos and seeing the photos. I wish I could read Spanish though. I think I could learn a lot form your site. Thanks for visiting and I appreciate your feedback on the camera.

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