Third Forte for Me

Third Forte for ME
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00981

I picked up my new car today. Last week I went and set up a new lease on a Kia Forte. This is a 2021 Kia Forte GT. It was a little more than a standard Forte and has some extras that I am really enjoying. I had been following the Kia website for our local dealership for a few weeks and they finally got some new cars in stock. They had a blue one and since that is my favorite color I decided to get that one. I’ve had 3 Kia Forte’s so far and two out of the three have been blue. Prior to the Forte I had a Honda Civic that was also blue. Blue is the color for me.

I like how this looks, it also has the back up camera and a big screen for the infotainment applications. I can connect android Auto to the car and will be able to listen to my podcasts and more. there is even a little shelf above the USB plug for my phone. This will keep things nice and neat in the car.

We picked this up after school and karate today. Andy retested for his white stripe and he earned that and his blue one as well. He’s got a lot more practicing to do on the days that he does not have karate but I think he’ll keep at it in order to earn his next black stripe.

Speaking of training and practicing to earn things in martial arts. Today started my road to the black belt with some morning workouts to get my physical requirements up to snuff. I bought a training dummy months ago and it has gathered cobwebs in the garage over the Summer. Mostly because it was too hot in there and for some reason there is no longer electricity in the garage so night training is out. But a little more of it is just being lazy. I know I have to get my physical requirements up for passing the test. I have my push-ups there and also squats but running and planking are not even close. So, every day doing some training. Luckily I have the training dummy and also videos from the school to help me train.

Today was the first full day of school for the kids and the last day of being a one car family. It worked out a little for a little while but that was when we didn’t have as much running around to day. Now that school is back in session having two cars make more sense.