Tilting Perspective

Tilting Perspective
Photo-A-Day #1518

I had a dentist appointment today and when I was walking by my neighbors house I noticed these roses hanging over onto the brick wall. I came back later in the day and tried a few shots. I looked through the images and decided that I wanted to crop one a little differently. I liked the more angular look of the groove of cement between the bricks. I’ve tried titling the crop before on other versions of PhotoShop Elements. It works great with Elements 7.

Sand Table

After work I took Eva out to the back yard so she could play. I changed a few of my camera settings and tried a few shots in black and white. I’d probably not do that too often but rather change my images to Black and White in post production, but it is cool seeing the image right away on the LCD screen.


My sister Tara’s dog Taylor was out back with us and we played ball with her. She’s a photogenic dog even if she isn’t facing you.

If you missed it, Allison, Eva and I are walking in the Relay for Life and we are looking for help in the form of donations, tweets and blog posts. In return I’ll post up tweets, blog posts and reviews. Plus you’ll have our thanks and the thanks of all those who are dealing with Cancer.

6 thoughts on “Tilting Perspective”

  1. Great pics! Peonies are one of my absolute favorite flowers and they look great on the brick wall. If only they could stay in bloom forever 🙂

  2. Becky,
    Oh, they are not roses. Well, at least I know what peonies are now when I read Pinkalicious to Eva. 🙂

  3. You always have such great perspective in your photos. They have just the right angle to make something as simple as a flower or a dog in a yard unique and artsy, it’s great!

    Glad you guys will be participating in Relay for Life, too. It’s a great cause- do you have a message Twitter ready?

  4. Mathdelane,
    I hope you get the chance to take the time to take more photos since it can be very rewarding.

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