Tools and Fashion Sense

Tools and Fashion Sense
Photo-A-Day #1346

The other day we went to Sears and while we were there we went shopping for toys. I’ll be posting a very big post that has to do with that on Tuesday so come back for the photos. Anyway, while we were there Eva found this My First Craftsman Rough and Tough Toolbox. She carried it around the store, she loves things with handles. And we ended up getting it for her. So, today while we took pictures of Eva by the tree she decided to play with the tools. She does her Auntie Tara proud.


The big deal for today was our trip to see Santa. I think we enjoy going to restaurants to meet Santa because they are just more relaxed. I’d hate to have to stand in line at the mall for Santa. The Santa’s village at the mall is certainly an amazing site but I like the more casual atmosphere of a smaller venue.

Allison, Eva and Santa

We Went to LA Roberts to meet Santa this year because we knew who was going to be there as Santa. It was my Brother-In-Law’s father Howard. Howard has an amazing Santa suit and he is great with the kids. One thing that he has but other Santas don’t is a carved staff, one he carved himself. Howard is a man of many talents.

Eva and Santa

At LA Roberts they had a very nice setup. Santa would go from table to table and talk with the families and his elf helper gave kids presents. And we didn’t have to pay for any of that. Eva got a very nice stuffed bear. She was so cute holding it.

Allison and Santa

Also today we got our tree decorated. Allison and I did this while Eva slept, I think next year she will help us put the ornaments on. Eva did help Memere out with her ornaments so she did get a chance to put a few of my old ones up on Memere’s tree. I think the one last thing that we need to do around the house is get Eva’s tree up and decorate that, she can help with that.

Our Tree

It has been rather busy around here. Allison and I do not yet have any Christmas cards to send out. We did take a few photos of Eva by the tree this evening but I’m not sure if we are going to use them. I will have to go through them.

Right now and for the past 2 1/2 hours I’ve been working on the annual Christmas letter with my parents. Dad and I used Google Documents to collaborate on the letter this year. I love Google docs and how you can easily work together on a project. This is our first foray into that area and I hope that we work more on it for future Christmas Letters. What has taken so long it picking out and formatting the photos. I actually picked all the images with my Dad and then formatted them to look like Polaroids lining the left side and bottom of the page. I think it came out pretty sharp. I took the written letter from Google documents and then cut and paste it into a text field in Photoshop. Using Photoshop I easily set up the exact layout that I wanted. While Photoshop is not really a word processing program it can be set up to mimic one for small things in a pinch.

This photo was not photoshopped.

Funky image

With the deadline for BenSpark’s Big Box of Awesome looming I can tell you that the awesome is still coming. I discovered a few more people sneaking around my Big Box of Awesome and look at what they found.

Jennifer over at The Dirty Shirt is giving away one of my Photo-A-Day Calendars.

Connie over at Brain Foggles took a look inside my Big Box of Awesome!, She cheated by doing some snooping. But I forgive her.

David Brim is going to Lead The Field with the motivational tape set that he found in BenSpark’s Big Box of Awesome!

12 thoughts on “Tools and Fashion Sense”

  1. Now, wait a minute. There is something wrong with a little girl in taffeta carrying a saw and hammer! LOL She sure is cute and I love that dress. That is a very nice looking Santa. I love where Eva is holding her hand up to her mouth just like Santa. Too cute.

  2. Karen,
    Nothing wrong with that in this family. She’ll learn to swing a hammer with the best of them and that would be my Dad. Yep, Santa was a great one. They had some nice interaction.

  3. I love the picture of her carrying the tools in the dress- powerful females can look beautiful too…way to go on the tools! For all the kids I am building tool boxes by adding tools each year little by little- it was handy for the older ones who went on their own or got their own cars- no borrowing tools and really tools are something you need forever for car or house.
    Santa is adorable- thanks for the pictures!

  4. Sandy,
    When my sister went off to college she had her own toolset. I did as well but this is more about her. She was the one person on the floor of her dorm who could fix anything and had the tools to do it. Eva will know her way around tools and how to use them. She’ll probably swing a hammer with more accuracy than her father. I’m not called lightening for nothing. “Never strikes twice in the same place.”

  5. I’m a big believer in boys learning how to cook and sew, and girls learning how to swing a hammer and fix things. I think it’s cool that you bought her the tool set. Eva looks so cute in that picture (well, she looks cute in any picture…LOL!)

    Most of the mall Santas I’ve seen are lame. They are usually teenagers with fake beards and padding, they are doing it for the money and nothing more. I’ve also heard that at some of these malls, you have to pay for a lame Polaroid pic in order for your child to even sit on Santa’s lap. Apparently they don’t let parents use their own cameras.

    Howard is an awesome Santa. I love his costume and his staff, and the fact that his beard is real…at least it looks real to me!

    Christines last blog post..I’m back!

  6. Christine,
    The beard is totally real, he keeps it short most of the year but round October or earlier he begins to grow it out.

    We won’t even dare going to the mall for Santa, not worth it and yes you go have to pay for the photo which usually sucks. I like being able to do my own thing.

    And I agree with the statement about the cooking and sewing. I can cook fine and I can put a few stitches on something but I mainly wrap a bunch of thread through and tie it up.

  7. Did noone tell Howard that he name ought to have been Kris Kringle? hehe He looks so genuine, and Karen is right, that one photo is adorable. 🙂

    I like how you “layered” that photo with the shutter speed, I have tried to do that once or twice, but it’s never worked out for me. At least in that scale, so major props man!

  8. Chica,
    Howard is a real deal Santa. He’s great with the kids and has the role down pat. He is Santa for everyone from Bikers to Babies.

    The layering was pure experiment. Thanks though.

  9. Jennifer,
    Thanks so much. She does look great in that dress and the picture where Santa and Eva are covering their mouths is one of my favorites.

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