Toy Review/Giveaway – Waverly and the Magic Seashells

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Eva and I were sent some brand new toys to review. We received three packages of toys from the Waverly and the Magic Seashells line which will be available this Fall. The toys come from The Bridge Direct and they are cute and fun. Eva was super excited about these toys because she absolutely loves mermaids. She was jumping around and saying how she had been waiting for so long for these toys (I’ve had them in a closet and she snuck a peek at them). As I was taking the toys out of their packages she was practically bouncing up and down her excitement to play was filling the room.

Waverly and the Magic Seashells “Pearl Seashells” Collectibles

One of the packages was a “Pearl Seashells” Collectible. This set comes with a beautiful seashell that closes with a latch and pops open with the press of a button. Inside is a special pearl that unlocks special features of the Magic Seashell Playset. The Pearl Seashells collection also comes with a Pearl Pet. Out set came with Chip the Snail. The Pearl Pets protect the special pearls. They also fit on special pegs in the Magic Seashell Playset.

Waverly and the Magic Seashells “Mermaids of Azarella” Dolls

The next package was a Mermaids of Azarella Dolls and the doll that was in the package was Waverly. Waverly is the main mermaid of the series and the rest of the mermaids are her friends. I would have liked to have seen a different figure in the series because Waverly also comes with the Magic Seashell Playset. So we got two Waverly figures. Eva spent much of the time playing trying out different names for this additional Waverly figure. This package came with a few items, a special pearl, a treasure chest to put the pearl in and a scepter-shaped hairbrush.

Waverly and the Magic Seashells Magic Seashell Playset

The main piece that we received was the Magic Seashell Playset. This was a very nice set where kids can play as Waverly or her friends. There is a slide, a swing and a magic spot where you can place your special pearls and they activate sounds and lights on the playset. We noticed that the special pearl that came with the playset unlocked four secrets. The special pearl from the doll package unlocked three secrets and the special pearl from the Pearl Seashell collectible unlocked two different secrets. Eva had a great time switching each of the pearls in and out of the magic pearl reader. The Playset also folds up into a cute purple seashell.

Enjoying playing with Waverly and the Magic Seashells.

I can see Eva spending a lot of time playing with these toys and the collectbility of the shells, pearls, pearl pets and other dolls. The dolls are cute and have hair that kids can brush. They can also have a lot of fun wearing a special ring that holds the special pearls. Eva loved wearing the ring and switching out the special pearls.

Waverly and the Magic Seashells

You can learn more about Waverly and the Magic Seashells at the official website. There are some good videos explaining the story of the mermaids of Azarella. You can also find out more about The Bridget Direct on Facebook and Twitter. Also the dolls will be available starting in the Fall at Target, Toys R Us and K-Mart. If you would like to win a set of toys from the Waverly and the Magic Seashells line like the ones that we received then please enter below on the Rafflecopter App.

Disclosure: We received these toys to review. Opinions about them are 100% our own.

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