Transformer’s Game

So, when we finally get the Nintendo Wii I’m going to have to wait till this summer for the game I really want. Sure I want to play the Zelda Game, it is awesome according to my friend Derek, but what I really want to play is the upcoming Transformers game from Activision. The game is going to be based on the upcoming movie JULY 4, 2007, I can’t wait for it either. The game will allow players to be either Autobots or Decepticons and play to protect or destroy the earth. It looks like you can play as any of the characters from the upcoming movie as well. So that will be fun. Also the game will be available not only for the Nintendo Wii but also the other consoles as well. And I also read that in addition to the movie bots you can play as previous iterations of the characters, it has not leaked as to what iterations those will be.