Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Game for Wii

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Game for Wii
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I picked up Transformers Revenge of the Fallen video game for the Wii. If you would like to buy it I’ll add my affiliate links to Amazon at the bottom. Just to be clear whenever you see a link to Amazon it is an affiliate link. I want to make sure that everyone is clear on that. I make a little bit of money on each sale through on every sale that originates from here.

Some bloggers are probably saying duh we have those links on our blogs as well. That is great I think that if you discover something great to buy that you enjoy and you want to let someone know about it that you can make a couple of cents on recommending it than great. However you must disclose. It is hard to disclose an affiliate link to Amazon without being over the top, like I am right now. I’ve been reading a bunch of other bloggers on this issue because the FTC is looking to crack down on bloggers for not disclosing affiliate links. I figure that most bloggers know by now that clicking on a link from a blog to a place where you can buy something is most likely an affiliate link and if it is not then the originating blogger is either lazy or not bright. Making a little bit of money through a blog is okay and disclosure is important. Do I put a disclaimer at the top of every post that says.

“The links contained within are affiliate links if you click them and buy something I earn money.”

Do you think that is tacky? Do you think that is enough? Am I clear, honest and non-deceptive? I don’t know the answer but I am willing to talk about it.

So, not that that is out of the way… I just played nearly one hour worth of game time on the new Transformers Revenge of the Fallen video game for the Wii. The gameplay is a little different than the game for the first Transformers Movie. For one thing you can’t go anywhere you want, you pretty much fallow a set course. I played as Bumblebee, Ironhide and Sideways. Gameplay is much easier than the first game and it is pretty satisfying overall. I do love how you could basically destroy everything with the first game. I like the little cut scenes because you actually get to know the names of the characters. The voice work is good too and you will notice a difference in the voice of Soundwave from the movie vs Soundwave from the game. Fans will be pleased with that aspect of the game.

I have not played the two player mode yet but soon. Also there are not campaigns for the individual factions Autobot and Decepticon, you play a campaign straight through. Along the way you can unlock a bunch of cool features like videos and images. I need to play more to give a proper review but so far I like it.

In other news I downloaded the Transformers comic books on iTunes to my iPod Touch. These are the two prequels, Transformers Alliance and Transformers Defiance. Then there is the movie adaptation. Reading the comic prequels is an important prerequisite for the movies because you learn the backstory and you also get down the names. That and characters who are not in the movie also get a chance to shine in the comic books. They are only 99 cents and the great thing is that you don’t have to store them in boxes all over the house.

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