Trip to Market Leverage

Trip to Market Leverage
Photo-A-Day #1501

Allison, Eva and I got lunch and a tour around the Market Leverage Offices by the Awesome Dina Riccobono. Well, actually Eva took charge and went all over the offices leading us here and there. Dina and the ML team were so welcoming and generous. Photos and full details later.

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  1. Thank you guys so much for coming out to the office and spending time with us. We had a blast with you guys, and as soon as Eva’s old enough, we have a desk waiting for her. She can be the official tour guide!

  2. Dina,
    Eva certainly did decide that she was going to play tour guide. She must have been watching her daddy for three days at Disney play camp counselor/tour guide. I think she was just so excited to not have to be in a stroller so she took full advantage of the mobility. Everyone at Market Leverage was so wonderful with her too.

  3. Hey Drew,

    I should be visiting this blog more; I lived in Orlando for three years, could have given you some pointers, but looks like things are going great on your end. Great pictures as always.

    I stopped by to read your thoughts on the HIMYM season finale, but it seems like you’ve probably been too busy to watch.

  4. Hi Mike,
    Unfortunately How I Met Your Mother did not get taped on the DVR. I must not have set it correctly. We’ll have to watch it online. After that I’ll let you know what I thought. Glad you liked the photos.

  5. Dina,
    I’ve got to figure out how to set up response type commenting so I can get people talking to each other, I hope that Mike is subscribed to the comments. I’m slowly rewriting my posts from the last few days. I got Friday done so far. And photos uploaded but not ready to see yet. I’m working it day by day.

  6. Hey Drew- I actually dropped by his blog and left a comment as well. Looking forward to the other posts, loved the Tinkerbell photos!

  7. Good deal, Mike is a good guy, I hope that he can go over for a visit. I wish our visit was longer. We had a lot of fun. I used my gym bag for the 1st time this morning, LOVE it!

  8. Ashley,
    I would have stopped there too but we had no transportation. ML took care of all that for us. We did have a fun dinner although that might have been too loud a place and I didn’t even get a chance to talk with you much, but I did give you some sort of idea after dinner when I showed off my xshot/pogo/zink paper/business card thing. I wonder what idea that gave you? I certainly would have convinced Allison to stick around and go for it at the Manta Press event if you needed a multimedia blogger. No worries, we’ll see you guys for a nice long time in October. I can’t wait. I have a great idea for my crew for the event.

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