True Blue Ducky Do

Ducks in the woods
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Allison, Eva and I went for a nice hike with our friends Michele, Nate and Audrey. Over in Attleboro there is a hiking trail called Oak Knoll and it is part of the Audubon Society. It is pretty brown out there right now. Once the Spring gets into full swing I think we will be seeing lots of green as well as many animals. Today we saw turtles and a squirrel, eventually there will be some frogs out this way as it gets nicer. This is a nice quick walk and perfect for families. I have a few more photos that I took while we hiked.

Along the way on the trail there is a great little bridge and it was fun for the kids to play “Pooh Sticks”. Eva enjoyed the heck out of this.

This morning started off with a trip to Walmart to do a couple of Collective Bias Missions. I picked up some spring cleaning materials as well as some tasty Genesis Today juices and pudding. I’m becoming more and more a fan of that stuff.

I also picked up a No-Spill Bubble Blitzer Glitter Critter for Eva, it was marked down and I figure it might be easier for her to blow bubbles. I’m not as impressed with that product from Little Kids Inc as I am with the No-SpillĀ® Big Bubble BucketĀ®. When I came home I spent some time with Eva drawing with the sidewalk chalk and also blowing bubbles.

Before I came home from my shopping mission at Walmart I stopped at my local comic book shop, Wildtime Comics. I picked up my regular books and also a graphic novel of Human Target. Allison and I are fans of the TV show and I’d like to have an idea of the origin of the character, namely that the character is from a comic book.

speaking of comic books I am beta testing a service called With this service you can read comics on your computer. They are presented in such a way that it makes the reading of the comic very natural. Also you can hover over a character and get their entire backstory including links to wikis about the character. Because I am beta testing it I get to get some free comics. There are a few free ones to try right now and one that you can buy. I read Wanted #1 and #2. The service runs on Adobe Air and it is very slick.

9 thoughts on “True Blue Ducky Do”

  1. I loved playing with bubbles when I was a kid- I used to call my grandparents Grandma and Grampa Bubbles cuz I always played at their house.

    1. Dina,
      That is very cute. I love the nickname. We’re having so much fun with the bubbles now that it is Spring. I am really good at blowing a steady stream too. It is fun.

  2. Nice photo. Did you do any post process? The colors look kind of like an oil painting. Nice job capturing the duck in that pose.

    1. Andy,
      Yes there was some post processing. The original was nearly all blue. I opened the photo and used Adobe Photoshop Elements Quick Fix and slide the slider over one notch, I also changed the temp a little bit too. The ducks were in an even more perfect pose a few seconds prior to the kids running towards them and scaring them.

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