Vegas Photowalk

On Sunday I was on my own so I went out and did a little photowalking. I took my GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr with me to make sure that I had an accurate map of where I went and where I was when I took each photo. Here is the map of my walk including the push pins where each image was taken. You can click the image and go through each image in the photowalk.

Vegas PhotoWalk Map

I started at the Fairfield Inn and took Sands up to The Strip. This put me right next to the Venetian. This would have been really helpful on Saturday night as the front desk folks told me to take a left out of the entrance and take Flamingo up to the strip. So a 1/2 hour walk that should have been turned into a 45-50 minute walk that was out of the way. People who have no sense of direction piss me off and hotel front desk workers should know the areas that they work in like the back of their hands. It is just good hospitality.

The start of the walk.

Heading to the Strip

The first place I saw was the Wynn, or The Wynns. It is a very modern looking building that is curved. I thought it was interesting and so I took a photo of it.

The Wynn

I really liked the sky and tried to look up as much as possible. There is just so much to see in Las Vegas and so many interesting things to take photos of. I took a number of photos around the Venetian. This is a very nice looking hotel and casino. This is where all the Posties were the night before at Tao for the BCAs. I didn’t win for Best Photography Blog won and that is awesome, Ree has an amazing talent. I was lucky to come in 5th. But you can help me win or place higher for next year if you vote for me for Best Photography Blog for the 2008 BCAs. I’m in 12th place so far.

So anyway, the Venetian. Here are some shots from around the Venetian.

The Venetian Clock? Gondola Ride Another Gondola Shot
My Sombrero hat. The Venetian Statue on the Venetian Photo-A-Day #947 11/11/07

My plan was to walk down one side of the street and then back up the other. So I was going to go by Treasure Island on my way back. I never made it so these are my only photos of that side of the street with the Mirage, T.I., Caesar’s Palace and the Bellagio.

Treasure Island. The Mirage The Mirage and T.I. Poseidon
Caesar Statue...

I continued up the strip and stopped in at Harrah’s, maybe it was the promise of an amazing buffet, maybe it was the colors, who knows. Anyway, I stopped in there saw the line for the buffet and left. But not before taking a few photos. There was also a Sephora store and my friend Mo from We’re in a Fight wouldn’t let me live it down if I passed by without taking a few photos. And apparently Vince Neil lent his name to a tattoo parlor.

Yes there was a Sephora Yes I went in.. Harrah's Mardis Gras Jester
Harrah's The Cahsmans Another Jester Vince Neil's Ink...

After that I continued along the strip and stopped at Margaritaville for more shots and then on to Paris.

Margaritaville The sign, abbreviated Paris Bally's
Hot Air Balloon The Tower A Larger View

Up to this point my photowalk was pretty touristy stuff, nothing that really made me excited to take a photo. Nothing that showed my artistic ability, except maybe how I saw the statues at the top of the Venetian. But then I came across this fountain in front of Paris. I spent quite a bit of time there playing with DOF and the manual focus to try and get some interesting photos. Here are the results of that time.

Fountain Fountain Statue in water Fountain jets
Fountain Jet Statue They looked so real Half a face
Almost golden Statue The Fountain

By this time I was getting hungry. I stopped at the Harley Davidson Cafe for lunch. I was going to do it up big but settled on the hot wings and the bad service. I bought a pin for my collection and pushed on to the M&M’s store (too many people inside to make that enjoyable) and then walked by New York New York on my way to MGM.

The Harley Davidson Cafe The Harley Davidson Cafe Harley Davidson Cafe M&M's store
Coke in Reflection Christmas already... Elvis Lady Liberty

I popped into the MGM and was able to get a couple of photos of the lions. Adn Then I realized that it had been a few hours, I was tired as anything and the other side of the street wasn’t going to be walked. I hopped the monorail and went back to the convention center and walked back to my hotel.

The Lions at MGM MGM Lion The Convention Center The monorail

All in all it was fun but I really have to start doing these things with other people. Maybe next Postiecon we can do a Postie Photowalk.

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  1. That is okay. I ended up giving up after 3 hours because by Sunday I had walked more than I have in a very long time and I was quite tired.

  2. The photos are very nice. I haven’t visited Las Vegas. Your pictures are much speaking about your quality of photo shooting. A great attempt! kudos

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