Visiting Blue Pride Bistro

At Blue Pride Bistro
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01729

Our local High School has a restaurant that is run by the students. It opens for tree days a week for lunch and I have been excited to try it out. I wanted to go because Andy is very passionate about cooking and baking and wants to be a part of this program when it is time for High School. I want to encourage Andy to pursue this because it is something very important to their happiness. Andy is incredibly happy for baking and for rock climbing and these things that make Andy happy are things that we will continue to encourage.

the restaurant itself is worth the trip. They really do a great job there and I am looking forward to going back. Not only is the food good quality but it is very inexpensive as well. I was able to get a Caesar salad, very good sized, a burger and a drink plus two pastries for under $20. That is pretty unheard of right now. I want to be able to take Andy there sometime but it is at the same time Andy is in school.