Waves in the Sand

sand ripples
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01201

Andy and I went over to the Ball Field today so that we could drive around my remote control car. We also brought he Zing Bows and Arrows so that we could shoot them across the field. Andy had fun running after the arrows and chasing around the car. He drove it a few times as well. This new RC car is really fast and with two batteries I can run it for about a half hour before we are done.

On the way back we walked along the beach. It had been quite windy the night before and the sand had these wavy ripples to it. Andy wanted to go take a photo of them but he got too close to see the ripples. I took the one above to show how the wind made the ripples.

Tonight we had my sister Shelby, her husband Tim and her kids over for dinner. Allison and Eva came down today as well. They were home because they had haircuts scheduled for today. It gave me some extra time with Andy. I took Andy to the movies this afternoon, too. He had been waiting for the cousins to arrive and so to take his mind off it and to stop him from constantly asking I figured that we’d go catch a movie and that way he’d be distracted. We saw Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and he really enjoyed it.