Web 2.0: I’m Joost, Are You?

Today I got my invite to Joost from Mag22. I loaded the software and fired up Joost to watch something, anything. But nothing worked. I tried it at lunch at work and I was unable to get anything to come on. However I love the interface and the controls and when you turn it off it closes to a tiny white dot like old TV’s used to do. I now have a ton of invites to Joost and you are welcome to them, just leave me a comment and the invite will be on its way to you lickety split. If you feel like posting about Joost, I’d appreciate a mention as the guy who gave you an invite. Not required but would be nice.

I tried Joost again this evening and was able to pull up a Rocky and Bullwinkle show. I can’t wait till Transformers is available on Joost, and GI Joe too. That will be awesome!