What Could Go Wrong

what could go wrong

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00395

I was working on videos in the office today. It always seems like things are quiet when I am not recording. However, once I start the camera the noise starts up. Last week there were trees coming down and so the whine of the chainsaw would interfere with the videos.

Today I was making videos and there was the sound of beeping from a truck backing up. The sounds were right outside the window. A new dumpster was being delivered to our neighbors. This was the second dumpster delivered to this house in the past few months. They absolutely need one these, too. There has been a huge mound of trash in the backyard and garbage all over the place. Did the dumpster solve this issue… nope.

Apparently there was a bunch more trash in the house and the neighbors started throwing things out including throwing things from the second floor into the dumpster. I watched for a bit and caught the loudmouth leaning out the window about to throw out some blinds. He missed the dumpster and they practically exploded everywhere. So I figure that bits and pieces of that will remain on the ground for the next several months.

they’ve also had a tractor trailer parked in the driveway and it got filled up with things from one of the apartments. That was moved today, too. More beeping. At least I was just making quick video game videos. But still. Every time I start filming.