Wii Play: Game Review

Wii Play is a great value because it comes with 9 games and a free Wii Remote. The Wii Remote is $39.99 and Wii Play is a $49.99 game that comes with a Wii Remote. So getting a game and Wii Remote together was a good deal. This is a two player game where the contestants play 9 mini games. You have Shooting Range, Table Tennis, Fishing, Pose Mii, Billiards, Charge, Find Mii, Laser Hockey and Tanks.

Shooting Range: Fans of the original NES probably had the light gun and Duck Hunt, well shooting range gives a nod to Duck Hunt. Shooting Range brings the player through many stages of targets. I won’t ruin anything but the final stage is hilarious.

Table Tennis: Your basic Ping Pong game where you can also smash the ball back to the opponent if it is lobbed to you. You switch sides during play so each player gets to experience each side.

Pose Mii: With the Wii Remote you must turn your Mii left or right or upside down and place them in bubbles that match the position and the pose. You chance poses (3 of them) by pressing the A or B buttons. You can also freeze your opponent so they cannot get any bubbles for a few seconds.

Fishing: You use the Wii Remote to snag fish in a pond, sometimes there are bonus fish and sometimes you snag the small fry and lose points. My least favorite game here.

Laser Hockey: Like air hockey but faster and with more colors.

Find Mii: You have to use your memory and be quick. You must pick out a specific Miis from a group, your custom made Miis show up as well.

Charge: You saddle up and ride a cow and try to knock over scarecrows. This makes use of the Wii Remote in many ways, by titling it forward the cow leaps ahead and speeds down the track. If you pick the Wii Remote up the cow jumps. So you tear along the tracks and have great fun chasing down scarecrows while racing your friend.

Tanks: You move little tanks around the board and fire at other enemy tanks. You work together to complete the levels but the winner is the one who destroys the most tanks.

Billiards: You play nine ball and the action is pretty good. You use the Wii Remote like a pool cue and the actions are pretty intuitive.

Well, those are the 9 games of Wii Play. They are very good and it is fun to play a round of each game with two players and keep score as to how many games each person has won. I would have liked to have seen more players be able to play these games however. Two is just not enough people for a Wii party.