Wired for Pink…

You might have noticed a bit of a color change around here. I decided to go Pink for October. Breast Cancer awareness is important to me as well as to Allison. We decided to get out blogs into a pink theme for the month of October. I learned about this project through Joana of Nanashi-Inc.net. So if you want to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness for the month of October set your theme to Pink.

Even though it is Breast Cancer awareness month, I have a project of my own to help raise money for a family whose whole lives has been affected by Cancer. I created a 2008 Photo-A-Day Calendar and I am giving 2/3 of the profits to the Machinski Family. My goal is to sell 100 calendars before November 24th and raise $200.00 to give to the Machinski family. Becky Machinski was a classmate of mine in High School and both she and her husband have both battled Cancer. Becky’s Cancer is gone but her husband Mike is still battling Cancer and it has depleted their savings. I can’t imagine how tough this has been for them but they are a strong couple with three beautiful little girls. You can see the love that they have for each other and they are working very hard to stay positive and to stay financially above water. So during the month of October while you go Pink think about maybe helping donate to the Machinskis by buying a 2008 Photo-A-Day calendar or donating directly through my PayPal donation button specifically created for the money I am donating to the Machinskis.

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2008 Calendar
Photo-A-Day #823b 07/10/07
Photo-A-Day #820f 07/07/07 Photo-A-Day #844 07/31/07
Photo-A-Day #847c 08/03/07 Green Thumb Sunday 08/26/07 #4 Photo-A-Day #863c 08/19/07
Photo-A-Day #820 07/07/07
Support independent publishing: buy this calendar on Lulu.

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4 thoughts on “Wired for Pink…”

  1. Hurray! I admire people who display social responsibility, especially that breast cancer remains to be the number one enemy of women.

  2. Holy crap! Sorry to go off topic here, but you have a flickr thing going on in this post, with a photo of what I assume is your cat? That looks so much like my sister’s cat Lucy, but with less white.

    Check out this photo of her to compare (although this photo isn’t the greatest for comparing, it’s just more funny because of how she’s sitting… difficult to see the eyes because she’s squinting from the flash, but they are identical to your cat’s. But notice the striping between the ears and all around the eyes, etc.


    Is your cat also unusually smart and seemingly sensitive to humans?

    Here’s a great question for you, as I hear it’s common with these type of cats… Does she take things like womens hair ties and put them in her water dish, and sometimes scoop them out with her paw?

  3. Hi Randy,
    Bonnie the cat is my mother-in-laws. She is a maine coon but a sall one. Her brother is also a maine coon and much bigger. Bonnie is double pawed on all four of her paws. She is very special and smart. She has been known to steal things and that is how she got the name Bonnie. Her brother is Clyde. It just made sense.

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