Workout on Friday, Blog Well on Saturday

Something that I have noticed every Friday when I workout is that I’m always the only person in our gym. No one is working out on Friday. I also notice that bloggers post a lot of their fluff on Saturday. The thing that I realize is that not everyone reads blog posts during the week. Many people save their reading for the weekend so why not give people something worth reading. That is one reason why decided to call my weekly post about SocialSpark, SocialSpark Saturdays. Saturday gives people time to read and digest extra detailed posts and try to follow step by step instructions. I’m more focused on the weekends because I’m not trying to read blog posts and get back to work all day through. On Saturday I can sit down for a solid un-interrupted hour and concentrate.

I guess the point of this is that if you are bucking the trend a bit you are going to see some results. By working out Friday when everyone else is sleeping in (and I want to sleep in) I can focus on my own workout more intensely. The same thing with blogging, write some of your best stuff on the weekends and share it with everyone on the weekend and you just may build a bigger audience.

So, for today’s SocialSpark Saturday let me introduce you to something that not a lot of bloggers take the time to learn about and that would be Sparks. Sparks are wonderful things because they allow you to write about many different topics and receive links back in return. Anyone can create a spark but you have to create an advertiser account to create a Spark. However, anyone can create an advertiser account.

I created a Spark yesterday to help promote the blog. On that blog I interview the great bloggers from the “I’m Not A Famous Blogger” IZEA Insiders Crew. The Spark can be found here. It is a little different because essentially the blogger will write their own post for my blog and they can include their own links of choice as they promote themselves and their blogs.

My Spark is not the only one, there are many good choices and I encourage bloggers who have not yet gotten their blogs verified to take Sparks, meet other bloggers and build up their post counts and link backs. I’d also say stay with the BlogYouBack ones as they benefit you and make sure you write something quality. It might be just the thing to write on Saturday.

4 thoughts on “Workout on Friday, Blog Well on Saturday”

  1. I thought this hit home with me, especially after a very demanding week with not a second of spare time. I haven’t tried SocialSpark yet? Where can I get more info?

  2. Thanks very much Roxanne. I can tell you all you need to know about SocialSpark because I am one of the IZEA Insiders. I write these SocialSpark Saturdays posts to teach other bloggers about the potential earnings they can make through SocialSpark and other IZEA properties. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. I like Sparks very much because sparks are wonderful things because they allow you to write about many different topics and receive links back in return.

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