Yarn Snakes

Yarn Snakes
Photo-A-Day #1276

A nice Sunday. Allison, Eva and I had a nice Sunday. We did a few things around the house and then went to church. Eva was pretty good all through mass. She only managed to spray the row in front of us with Cheerios. I have to remember to put bigger things like goldfish in her Snack Trap. After Mass another young couple that we’ve talked to in the past came up and gave us their contact information. We’re pretty psyched to say the least. Their son is about a month older than Eva and they are around our age so we look forward to having them over some evening.

I put together Eva’s birthday gift from us. It is a Sit to Stand Giraffe from Fisher Price.

Some Assembly Required

You put the little colorful balls into the giraffe’s mouth and they roll down the chutes to one of the 4 legs. I think this will keep Eva busy for a while.

All Done

After building that it was time to put the baby swing away so that was taken apart. It feels like the more we remove, get rid of, recycle the more there still is.

Allison went through her things and came across boxes of stuff that she had been hanging on to for quite some time. There was a whole box of notes from high school. Each of them folded up into that football game triangle size. Here is one of them, used with Allison’s permission of course. I made sure to keep the misspellings too.

Hi What’s up please once you read this throw it away or put it in your bag So still madly in love with Justin. Gosh how long has it been 6 months (long) I’ve liked you know who for 9 months or longer (sence June) so Justin was at the mall ah. Are you in gym Gym this quarter? Are you going be in the square dancing festival? Irene is, so what yah doing now. I’m so board I’m in computers rite right now are you gonna go to the basketball tournament? (Next week I think! I’m gonna go to the boys if you get your what I meann the kid I like is on the basket ball team!!! Of course I have to go now C-Y Love (Name withheld to protect the innocent)

We were thinking of going through them and posting them as a series on Allison’s blog. Who knows would anyone read the angsty notes from late 90’s teenage girls? I think they are a riot. I remember writing notes in high school and folding them properly so they were that small triangle. You would write them in study hall and during class or if they were really heartfelt they were written the night before. You had to fill the whole page too. Then the note was passed, sometimes with a “For so and so’s eyes only”, “PRIVATE”, “destroy after reading”, etc. Think of them as text messages for the pre-cell phone generation. Do kids even pass notes anymore?

Our friends Andy and Rondi invited us over to watch the Patriots game at their house. Rondi made that yarn snake with all her left over yarn from various other projects, she made them for the neighborhood kids too.

Another Shot of the Yarn Snake

Andy’s brother and his family were also going to be coming. They have a baby girl who is 3 months older than Eva. It was fun to see how they are both developing. I’m not sure how much of the game anyone watched because watching the babies and Stephen The Dog (who was shaking hands and kissing the babies, always campaigning) interact.

I’m not sure why I’ve been going the nostalgia route lately. I’m really thinking about doing a flashback themed post every once in a while and that includes some videos as well. Back in High School my friend Andy and I and another kid made this video for Spanish Class. It is horrendous as far as the Spanish language goes but it was fun to make and funny to put together. I’ll have to make it digital and get it posted at some point.

Oh and I almost forgot, we got all the papergoods for Eva’s 1st birthday party at Job Lot for a grand total of $4.03. And we are talking hats, 60 paper plates, 60 cake plates and decorations. It was nuts seeing $0.16 ring up over and over. Sweet.

Shopping at Job Lot