Review: Trolls World Tour

Trolls World Tour

It is hard to believe that an animated movie can express the importance of embracing our differences better than most world leaders, but it is true. The story within Trolls World Tour is celebrating the differences of each and every Troll. Essentially there are 6 musical strings and all the Trolls lived in harmony but some of the Trolls wanted their music to be most important and so they tried to control all of the strings for themselves. To prevent this from happening each type of musical troll took one of the strings and made way to their own corner of the world. They lived apart from each other with their own music like Country, Pop, Classical, Fun, Techno and Rock. We are very familiar with the Pop Trolls as they are the heroes of the first movie. In this movie the Pop Trolls learn something upsetting about their own history, something never taught to them, and they set out to stop the Rock Trolls from taking all of the musical strings and turning everyone into Rock Troll Zombies. Along the way Poppy, Branch and the rest of the Trolls learn to accomplish harmony in another way.

The Blu-ray has a TON of super fun extras like a Dance Party Mode which is a fun interactive experience for the viewer. They get to participate along with Queen Poppy. If you are like me and are not a big time dancer then the Trolls have you covered with Trolls Dance Academy. The Trolls teach you moves for Pop, Waltz, Country, Funk, KPop and Reggaeton.

Biggie - James Corden Poppy - Anna Kendrick Cooper - Ron Funches and Branch - Justin Timberlake

The Blu-ray and DVD is packed with even more extras like deleted scenes, commentary and featurette videos. You can even follow the tourist map with Cloud Guy and check out all six realms of Trolls Kingdom.

Keith Kaminski and Tiny Diamond2_Credit_Daniel Byun

To mark the release of Trolls World Tour on Blu-ray a Chalk Art was commissioned at The Grove in Los Angeles. Designer and illustrator Keith Kaminski created a 15 foot, 3D chalk illustration of the delightful character and debuted the installation at the center of The Grove. The fun and interactive photo opp was a hit for both kids and parents alike! You can see a Time Lapse of that installation below.

Also, if you are going to watch this fun Summer movie you need some cool snacks. Below you can download the recipe to make Poppy’s Rainbow Pops. enjoy them while watching the movie!

Queen Poppys Rainbow Pops