Review: The Yo Ring – A Pocket Sized Trick Shot Interactive Toy

Yo Ring It Up
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With the kids home from school 2 to 3 days a week we have to come up with fun things to occupy their time that do not involve screens. When I was offered the chance to review Yo Ring I thought it was a great idea. So we were sent some free packages of Yo Ring to check out. The Yo Ring is a silicone disc that fits in the palm of your hand. It is meant for flight and for playing a dynamic game of catch. There is a hole in the middle of the Yo Ring and so you are supposed to catch it on your finger. It takes a bit of coordination to be able to do it but it is the trying that is the most fun. You can also easily toss it around and catch it in your hands any way you want.

Yo Ring

The Yo Ring comes from a teen inventor. He started our with a metal ring that he had in his pocket and tossed to a friend. They made a game out of it and then after discovering that the metal ring was a bit painful he experimented with 20 different materials and ended up with Silicone to get the right bounce, smooth rolling and aerodynamic flight. I find it so cool that this teen turned his made up game into a real product and a family business. You can learn more about the history of the Yo Ring and how to get your own below.

Yo Ring


Everyone Is Talking About The Pocket-Sized Yo Ring That Sails Through The Air And, Eventually, Lands On Your Finger

Kaysville, Utah (November 15, 2020) — Move over boomerang, yo-yo and frisbee– there’s a new areo-dynamic toy that kids can’t resist flinging and catching. Yo Ring, priced at just $7.25, is a palm-sized silicone disc that resembles a donut. This interactive toy gets kids off the couch and moving while defying gravity.

The Yo Ring is meant to always be on the go. All ages and all athletic abilities find this small disc irresistible to put down. As kids and parents spend more hours together in the home, the Yo Ring releases stress, encourages smiles and on occasion, amazement, at catching a small flying disc across the room onto your finger!

It started with Utah high school student Brody Korth goofing around with his friends in a circle. He had a small metal ring that he tossed to one friend who in turned tossed to another. The challenge of catching the ring on their fingers became a new exciting game, one they hadn’t played before. This game allowed for each player to strategize and challenge the other opponents, while also enjoying the camaraderie. The name came from Brody’s high school classmates’ reaction, requesting “yo, ring it up.”

With support from mom Alyson and dad Derek — and multiple prototypes — the Yo Ring became a family business. They manufactured (in the USA, no less!) yellow, red and blue silicone discs. Each had the perfect balance of flight, flexibility and fun. Now age 18, Brody is the toy spokesman, appearing on local television, performing tricks on the Yo Ring YouTube channel and making visits to classrooms.

The informative website shows youngsters the basics of How To Yo Ring with backyard and athletic field videos. Start with the basic toss and basic catch. As a child’s confidence grows, move up to the Shirt bounce, Side Arm Distance Throw and Wall Bounce. Advanced Tricks to impress friends include the Shoe Kick and Roll Kick. Everyone will just say wow!

Eye-hand coordination is key but even the klutziest kids can play and catch the Yo Ring on their finger. There are games for solo play and suggestions for group interaction.

“I love the creativity this brings for kids of all ages,” wrote one parent online. They’re always trying new tricks and new ways to throw and catch. No screens, no devices. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m better at it than all my kids. Indoor and outdoor. Love it!”

Reactions from parents and kids alike tell the same joyous discovery:

“Watching someone catch the Yo Ring for their first time is priceless!”

“I love the Yo Ring because it gets my kids off the screen. Finally, a toy that makes them move, play and interact!”

“Yo Ring is so simple, yet a real challenge on so many levels! There are so many tricks and games to learn it’s mind-boggling.”

“My goal was to get kids off the screen and into interacting with their family and friends,” explained the teen inventor. “It’s light, foamy, and can easily be carried in a pocket to play anywhere! Parents tell me how much they’ve loved this toy during the pandemic when kids were housebound and seeking something new.”

The affordable Yo Ring is sold individually and as a 3-Pack. It makes an ideal party favor, stocking stuffer, Hanukkah gift, good report card reward or even a surprise from the Tooth Fairy!

With the hashtag #YoRingItUp, follow this family business on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Purchase the Yo Ring online at and on Instagram at @yoringitup.

Yo Ring • All Ages • $7.25
Pick your color — Red, Blue or Yellow – then pick your trick to fling the Yo Ring across the couch, down the stairs, over the neighbor’s bushes. Play with a buddy, a team or solo. There are no rules, unless you make them! Fun is always just a toss away.

Yo Ring 3 Pack • All Ages • $19.00
All three colors – Blue, Red & Yellow – come packaged together. Bring one for a backyard competition or a treat for every kid in the house.

The Yo Ring was invented by a high schooler’s need to find something interesting and fun to do. When his classmates started chanting, Yo Ring it up, young Brody Korth knew he had something special to share with the world. From hallways to staircases, basketball courts to football fields, bleachers and even mosh pits, the Yo Ring became a game that can be taken anywhere and could be tossed to anyone, at any ages. Making sure the ring was durable and would withstand everyday tossing was a top priority for the teen inventor. Discover dozens of tricks and games to try at