2016 Year of the Vlog

Photo-A-Day #3919

Recording Daily Vlogs

My friend Annie Stow of Stowed Stuff has been taking and posting videos on Youtube every single day of 2015 and is continuing through 2016 and probably beyond. She inspired me to also start doing some daily video posts. I’ve been making videos off and on for years but now I decided that I should go ahead and get serious about taking videos on a daily basis. What will they be about? Well, mostly I will let things happen as they happen, whatever comes out of my stream of consciousness head. So, I’ve completed two of these so far and posted them to Youtube. You can see them both below. I will be posting up specific Vlog category posts where they will have the daily Vlog and a transcript of what I say in the Vlog.

An Introduction – Daily Vlog 1 – 1/1/16

Iron Man vs. Captain America? – Daily Vlog 2 – 1/2/16