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Iron Man vs. Captain America? – Daily Vlog 2

In my second vlog I introduce a couple of my cameras from the Samsung Imagelogger program and also ask the question, which superhero is better, Iron Man or Captain America.

Vlog Transcript:

So it’s Drew Bennett from It’s day two of taking a daily video vlog for the year 2016 inspired by my friend Annie Stow of Stowed Stuff. I probably won’t say that every time but I really was inspired by what she wanted to do for the past year and that was pretty cool. So, yesterday that was my introduction just kinda talking a little about who I am.

Right now I’m very stuffed up. I just woke up. It’s 5:30pm. You say, “Just woke up”, that’s because I work overnights. So, I work a 12 hour shift come home and go to sleep and go back to work. Like I said it is kinda rough, I’ve got a bit of a headache and I’m all stuffed up but I’m headed back to do my job.

I also talked about how I am a Samsung Imagelogger. I just kinda wanted to show you a couple of the cameras that I use most often. This is the NX500, see it is pretty small but it’s got this giant lens on it. This is the 50.. 16-50mm S lens, it’s a native 2.8. It is fast and takes really awesome pictures. I love this camera. I also love this camera. This is the NX1. I am mostly promoting the NX500 right now so I am shooting with that but this is the one that just feels good, this monster boy here. But you break it down and it’s got this extra grip and this 50-150mm S lens which is also native 2.8 and takes amazing photos. Both cameras… just love em. Like this little wrist thing here ’cause that is just usually how I carry my camera, like this all the time. I don’t really put ’em around my neck. I only did that ’cause that is all that would fit on this one for me.

But I have to take a photo every single day… part of the Samsung Imagelogger. Actually I don’t have to take a photo every day, that is my own personal thing. I’ve been doing that for over 10 years. I would say that you could go check out my ShutterCal but they just closed. But, you could go to and see my daily photos. Just go to the Photo-A-Day category and see there’s well over… near 4000 straight photos. Yeah, I’ve been doing it for a while. I really enjoy it. It is a lot of fun. I’m always thinking of things I want to take photos of. The weekends are tough because I am either working or asleep. That is when you get a lot of the toy stuff because it is easy enough to take a picture of something on my desk.

Yeah, don’t mind the mess here in my office. It is even worse if I turn the camera that way because I took everything out of my daughter’s room to clean it and it’s all in here. We’re going to put back the things that are important and special to her rather than just junk and scribbled pieces of paper. Trying to prevent hoarders.

Of course, I’ve got a lot of crap, my own stuff. I need to put up some shelves and different things like that in here to really show it off. And I’ll try and do that throughout the year. Those are some of my goals for 2016. It’s not like a New Year’s resolutions or anything like that, I just need to get things done and do that here in the house.

Other than that for today… I’ve got my Iron Man shirt on today so I’ve been reading on the Marvel Unlimited, which is an app that you can buy. It’s a yearly subscription. Something I bought for myself last year. I’ve been reading like crazy. I’ve read through all the major storylines from Marvel. Now I’m starting from the beginning with Tales of Suspense. Reading through all the Iron Man stuff because Iron Man is my guy. I love Iron Man. Which is funny because a buddy of mine over at Mommy’s Busy, is Andrew and he is in the Captain America camp. With Captain America Civil War coming out we’ve had some friendly crossfire between the two of us as far as who is the better superhero. I think it’s Iron Man. He thinks it’s Captain America. Let me know which one of them is your favorite character and let’s try and keep it to a minimum of bashing the other guy. We want to keep it friendly, we want to keep it civil.

This is Drew Bennett from you can find me there. You can also find me on Instagram as BenSpark, very active there. You can find me on facebook at and also at Twitter as BenSpark and yeah, so please, interact with me. I love hearing from people and would love to talk with you more. So, this is Drew and I’ll see you tomorrow.