3D Printed ABD Logo Project

ABD Logo on Shapr3D
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01863

Now that we have a 3D printer I have to start learning how to use 3D creation programs because there are a few projects that I would like to do. One of those projects is to create some Christmas Ornaments of the America’s Best Defense logo. I asked Sensei howard for some of the digital files of the logo and then I found a program on line called Shapr3D. With that program I was able to create a 3D printable file of the logo but when I went to export it to print on the 3D printer I found that I could only export a low quality file. In order to export a full resolution file I would need to have a pro account. Well, pro accounts are $300 a year and I’m sorry but I’m not paying for that. I looked at this closer and saw that for Students and Educators the program is free. I just needed a .edu email address. Well, no one in the house had one. Luckily, the program allowed us to upload a student ID as verification of being a student so I uploaded Eva’s id and now we wait 3-5 business days to see if it gets approved.