4 years….

Yep, yesterday Allison and I celebrated 4 years together as a couple. And before I go into my usual restaurant review and movie tangent, let me say that they have been a great 4 years. I couldn’t ask for a kinder person to spend time with or ask to be my wife.

Now onto my usual posts/tangents.

We went to a new Chinese restaurant in Cumberland called the Fortune House. It is right off exit 10 of 295. You get off the exit and go straight across the intersection into a small strip mall and there it is. The food was fantastic. Some of the best crab Rangoon around. Allison joked that she’s going to send me there for take-out from now on. Nope, that is a strictly go and sit down for a meal kind of place. The food is so fresh and appetizing. The decor is very clean and inviting and the staff is warm and friendly. We split a Pu Pu for One and then had the Happy Family meal with the House Fried Rice. The only thing I wasn’t thrilled with was the fried rice. I like my fried rice more of a Chicago style without the peas. My favorite fried rice was from Chinatown in downtown North Attleboro which is now Dragon garden, their fried rice is very good but just a little different then Chinatown’s was. After dinner we had special ice creams for dessert. Allison got their ginger ice cream and I tried the green tea ice cream. We both agreed that we liked our selections but weren’t thrilled with what the other person got, so that worked out well.

When we got home we watched the MTV movie awards. Napoleon Dynamite swept the awards with Best Movie, Best Musical Performance and Breakthrough performance Male. I really would have liked to see Zach Braff and Garden State win but it was not to be. It was great to see The Breakfast Club folks in the audience and too bad that Emilio and Judd Nelson didn’t show up, that would have been a good thing, couldn’t hurt their careers. They should have also had the guy who played the janitor, John Kapelos, up on stage with them too, he was in the audience, they shouldn’t have left him out. It is also too bad that John Hughes wasn’t there either, the guy practically single-handedly kept me going to the movie theatres through the eighties with his movies. And he wrote some of my all time favorites like The Breakfast Club, Some Kind of Wonderful, Planes,Trains and Automobiles and Weird Science. Hughes was the king of 80’s movies. If he could just capture that magic again then he’d be back on top. The last movie he is credited with was Beethoven’s 5th. He made 5 movies about that dog. Where’s 32 candles? Where is some movie that will make me want to shell out my $9+ to recapture the fun times, touching stories and characters I can relate to? The tribute to the breakfast club was awesome because with that movie you really could find someone in that group to relate to. I’ve got to watch that again.

Also Katie Holmes presented Tom Cruise with his lifetime achievement award. It was neat to watch clips of all of his movies. Made Allison and I realize that we haven’t seen them all and we’ll be going to the library to check out some of his older stuff that neither she nor I have ever seen.

Oh and here’s a tribute to Napoleon Dynamite from Spiderman.