A Hot Wheels Speed Freak

Speed Freaks
Photo-A-Day #1785

For Christmas I gave Eva some Hot Wheels. She enjoys playing with the cars and I love playing with the cars with her too. I saw a simple Loop the Loop set at Target and well, had to pick it up. It was the most simple one I could find. So tomorrow Eva will get to experience her very first Loop the Loop. I can’t wait to see what she does with this.

I tried over and over to set the camera to capture a still. It didn’t work. I then changed tacks and set the camera over to video mode to capture the car going through the loop to towards the camera. Once I captured that I uploaded the footage to Adobe Premiere Elements and then extracted the frame you are seeing as today’s photo. I probably should have shot it with my Flip and get a more High Def image. I will see about that next time.

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    1. Nope, just some low tech Hot Wheels, My daughter loves them, not every car made the loop but we tried them all, over and over.

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