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Savannah Bound …

savannah bound
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #02021

Eva is bound for Savannah Georgia today with her Auntie Tara and Uncle Erik. They set Eva up with a week at Savannah College of Art and Design. She’ll be there studying photography and textiles for the week. This is her first sleep away experience where she’ll have a roommate and will be all on her own. Granted, Tara and Erik will be 4 miles down the road but Eva will be on her own in the program. I’m very excited for her. I was worried that her flight would be cancelled after everything that happened yesterday with the Microsoft outage but her flight was delayed a few hours and they got there, eventually around 10pm.

New Bathroom

On the homefront we have another new bathroom at our house. Well, this is an open air one on the corner. For the next few weeks both streets near us are having the gas lines changed. So we’ll have street closures all for a while. And we have this port-a-potty on our corner.

Last Day of Science School 2024 …

Andy and Eva at Science School
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #02020

Today was the last day of Science School for 2024. Andy had a fantastic time in ichthyology and wants to do that one again. There was an open house during the last 15 minutes of class. There wasn’t much for us to see but we went to see anyway. Mom and Dad went, too. andy showed us the fish they caught and the new fishing poles that they used during the session.

I took Andy home right after class was over. I had to get back and try to get some sleep. We stopped off at McDonald’s to get some lunch and then got home to find that the road was closed because the gas line was being worked on. I could barely get into the driveway because there was a large machine in the way. Apparently, they had to stop because of the worldwide Microsoft outage that was going on. So they filled the holes back in to start again on Monday.