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Just Announced Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Edition

Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Edition with Bluetooth Portal and Bluetooth Controller

I am very excited about the news that Skylanders Trap team is going to be coming to Tablets on the same day that the console version is being released. This news came out of nowhere for me. I had no idea that this was going to happen and it is pretty cool. The tablet version comes with a special bluetooth controller and a special bluetooth traptanium portal. Players can buy the Tablet pack and then download the app from their respect app stores. This really opens up the game to even more players. It is a great strategy for Activision because they’ll get all those causal tablet gamers, those folks who do not have a console but rather like to play on their iPad, Samsung Galaxy devices and even Kindle Fire.

I’m looking forward to playing this version. More details below. Continue reading Just Announced Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Edition

Late SwagsGiving 2 Giveaway: Inkoos

Take your favorite stuffed animal and then draw on it. That is the premise of Inkoos. These cute and cuddly square/blocky shaped characters are made for drawing, doodling and just plain expressing your creativity. Eva and I received two Inkoos, a full size one (Dog) and a mini Inkoos (Owl). Right off the bat these guys are cute. They have a very unique look and have a lot of potential for creating something very cool. The large Inkoos comes with a set of three fabric markers and the mini Inkoos has one marker. In our review we received pink, blue, purple and green markers. The markers come with a clip so that you can always keep them right with your Inkoos.

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