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Shower Tunes

shower Tunes
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01618

Our plumber came today and hooked up the toilet in the downstairs bathroom. He also set up more plumbing in the basement and changed out the Shower head. We now have a Kohler Konnect. This is a shower head with a detachable Bluetooth speaker. For years I have been putting my phone on the edge of the shower to listen to music. Now I can leave it on the counter and connect to the Moxie speaker and play whatever I’d like and be able to hear it quite well. I personally have a 3 song maximum shower but usually get things done in one especially if it is Carry On My Wayward Son. That is the perfect length for a shower.

Rock Sugar Album Coins Have Arrived

Rock Sugar Album Coins
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00850

I backed a Kickstarter for a band called Rock Sugar. They make some great music by making mashups of rock and roll and pop. They made an album called Reimaginator back in 2010. It has been ten years and their latest album is Reinventinator with 13 new songs. I can’t even tell you how many songs they wove together in each son, there are so many. I keep hearing something new with every listen. The album coins look incredible.

Today was Stripe test for all of us at Karate and Krav. I managed to capture one photo of Eva while she was doing her test. She is fierce.

Eva at Krav