A Picture Says a Thousand Words…

Hello all, It is I, as I was called at the wedding this weekend “The infamous Mo from the blog.” Geez. Apparently this week is my chance at my 15 minutes of fame because Drewbie and Allison seem to have quite the huge fan base for their blog. I have to apologize to all of you for not posting sooner…especially to the Guest Photo-a-day’ers out there because buzznet seems to hate me. I returned late last night from a business trip, and when I went to post the pictures from Monday and Tuesday on the blog I get this message:

There was an error posting to your blog! Here is the error: 0

Rude. And what is the error?? Zero?? Or is that a version of a smiley face that looks like Mr. Bill?? So now I’m successfully letting down bloggers all over the world who want to partake in the goodness and light that is the BenSpark Blog Guest Photo A Day!! I’m literally robbing you of your joy. Well, not me really…I’m trying. I will try from a different computer…but until then PLEASE see the photos posted so far-they are brilliant!! And if you can deal with me, please feel free to stop by the BenSpark this week to hear me rant or offer words of wisdom…I might sneak in some embarrassing stories about Drewbie…might…I don’t want to jeopardize my future blogging guest spots.

And if you’d like to hear even more from Moi, feel free to stop by my blog…www.wereinafight.blogspot.com. It’s young and is still being molded to what I like…if nothing else gets you there…know this…there IS trivia:)

Thanks all!!

“Guestblogger” Mo