Accurian iPod Docking Alarm Clock.

On Saturday I went to Radio Shack with my friend James to pick up the Accurian Docking Alarm clock for iPod. I had seen this and I though it looked great. It looks like an old time alarm clock and it is small enough to fit comfortably on the night table. So last night when we got home I took it out of the box and set it up, set it so the iPod would recognize the Docking Alarm Clock, or was it the other way around. Regardless I got it set up. The clock charges the iPod as it is docked and the speakers are located under the buzzer bells and the volume is on the back. You push also push the volume button in to make it shut off the sound.

But here is the problem. The iPod screen never shuts off. Never. You can try and shut it off but it won’t. So your choices are to lay it face down or not use it as the intended alarm clock that it is. Those iPods throw a lot of light at night in the dark and it was so annoying that I took the iPod out of the Docking Alarm Clock and woke to the alarm sound I set on the iPod anyway.

I thought I was solving the problem of having two different sets of wake up times for Allison and I, instead I purchased a funny looking set of speakers for my iPod, because this certainly cannot be used as an alarm clock if you intend to get any sleep.

Why won’t you shut off!