Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam: Wii

I played Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam with Allison, Andy and Rondi. The game was okay, it was pretty much a racing game but you were able to jump and do tricks with your skaters. The only real difference between this game and any other racing game was that you stand on your vehicle of choice. Some people may like Tony Hawk and the skateboarding scene or lifestyle. Me, not so much. I did however like barreling my player into oncoming cars over and over. But that is my own issue with skateboarding.

The game is pretty solid with awesome graphics and it makes use of the wiimote very well. You turn and do jumps and tricks by moving the wiimote all over the place. Andy and Rondi hadn’t played the game much so many characters were still locked, but the characters we did have to play with were pretty colorful and interesting. If you want a solid racing game with many different types of multiplayer games then this is a decent one to have.