Photo-A-Day #682 02/19/07

Bonnie likes her water running.

Allison and I started our day in New Hampshire. We had breakfast and lunch with Marcia and Dan and headed home around 12:30. On the way home we stopped off to hang out with Andy and Rondi and Stephen the Dog. We played a bunch of Wii games together. The first game we played was Monster 4X4 World Circuit. I totally dominated the races, but I think that given more time everyone else would move up and be on par with me in that game. Then Andy and Rondi played Wii Play and then Allison and I played Wii Play. We were going to play another round of that but switched to the Wii Sports and did bowling. Rondi is at the Pro level in that game and Andy hit strike after strike. I did not fare so well in that game.

We ended up staying till dinnertime and decided to go to Acapulco’s to pick up dinner. Andy and I drove out there to get our dinner and Allison and Rondi talked Disney plans because Andy and Rondi are headed to Disney later next month. Our dinner was great and after dinner we played the Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam game for Wii.

Andy and I worked on setting him up with PayPerPost for the Stephen the Dog blog. So once he gets approved then he can start earning money blogging.

It was getting late so we got home and when we got home Dad showed my the place that they would be staying at in Florida for April vacation. Looks like a nice place.

A Bonus Picture of Bonnie under the faucet and Clyde in the foreground.