Add it Up Contest – The Scores Thus Far…

Out of a potential 590 points that one could have earned in the first week of BenSpark’s August Add it up Contest the highest point total for a contestant is 200points. There are three contestants in the running for the top prize of a free Flickr Pro or Zooomr Pro Account plus $25.00 gift certificate to Kodak Gallery. There are also many other folks who applied but have not earned any additional points.

The Top contestants are
Mo with 200 points
Christine with 190 points
Stephen the Dog with 180 points
Marsha – 5 Points
Jennifer – 5 Points
Laurie – 5 Points
HomeMom3 – 5 Points
SleepyLil – 5 Points
Joana – 5 Points
xerendipity – 5 Points

You can still catch up and be in the running. Here is a way to earn 445 points TODAY.

5 Points – Enter the Contest – Leave a comment on BenSpark’s August Add it up Contest post
100 Points – Become a PAD Host (And you get a permanent link to your blog on my sidebar.)
50 Points – Sign up for FuelMYBlog (Let me know by leaving me a comment with your fuel address.)
50 Points – Write post about the contest
50 Points – Subscribe to the BenSpark Uberfeed.
40 Points – Watch and comment on all four Wired Kayaker videos. (10 pts each)
40 Points – Review each of my blogs on Blog Catalog (10 pts each)
10 Points – Vote for my blog at Blog interviewer. (10 pts per day, must leave comment each day)
10 Points – Comment on Photo-A-Day #848 & #849 Posts
10 Points – Leave a comment on Photo-A-Day #848 & #849 on Buzznet
10 Points – Leave a comment on Photo-A-Day #848 & #849 on Flickr
50 Points – Leave a comment on Bonus Photo-A-Day #848b, #848c, #848d, #848e, #848f, #848g, #848h & #849b on Flickr.
20 Points – Leave a comment on Photos “Smiling Eyes” and “Afternoon Sail” on Zooomr

So you can see that if you started today you would not be out of the running to win this contest. And if you suggest another way to earn points and I use it then you earn yourself 10 additional bonus points for each suggestion I use. Don’t delay Enter Today (Leave a comment on the BenSpark’s August Add it up Contest post to get started.)

Drop this image on your blog with a link to the contest and get 25 Bonus Points. Today Only.

BenSpark’s August Add it up Contest
Link to

* Now, if I missed any points that you should have for things like being a PAD host, being on Fuel and whatnot please let me know.

6 thoughts on “Add it Up Contest – The Scores Thus Far…”

  1. Great, can you shoot me a quick screen shot of your feed reader to my e-mail address abennett96 @ gmail . com. Thanks.

  2. Hey there Maureen, you’ve just been passed by Christine. I see that you have posted the banner on your blog, so that is wicked cool. Thanks.

  3. Excellent post Christine. I appreciate that, yep, you got 75 more points and are now in the lead. I should give points for each contestant based on how many people comment on their posts. I will ponder on that.

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