Macro Mondays: Good In Soup 08/06/07

This week’s theme for Macro Monday was Good In Soup. Here is a little tomato that would be great in soup when it grows up.

Macro Monday 08/06/07

14 thoughts on “Macro Mondays: Good In Soup 08/06/07”

  1. Amy keeps telling me that her tomatoes will be ready ANY DAY NOW yet they are smaller than yours and greener, too!

    I think they will be ready by first snow (which will be any moment because I am very astute and can feel things).

    You are tagged.

  2. These are still rather small but should be turning soon. And yes I think that VT will be getting the snow any day now. 🙂

  3. Neat shot, Drew, reminds me of my grandparent’s backyard from the house they used to have in Harahan (near to New Orleans, LA).

  4. Glad that could remind you a a home related place. Good to see you visiting the blog and dropping comments. Been posting some pretty sweet photos lately too. Good news on the Swamble front. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hey there Spanish Joe. Sorry to hear that you don’t get out much. Glad you like the photo however. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Yes, it will be good in soup when it grows up. I have tomatoes about this size and color, but I didn’t think to take pictures. If I do it now, will that be copying you?

  7. Hi Anna,
    You go right ahead ans post your tomato pictures. You won;t be copying me. No worries, Let me know when they are up so I can see them.

  8. Eliot, yeah you are right about that one. I will have to wait on the tomato for soup. Thanks for the comment.

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