Adsense by Google….

Okay I’ve just about had it with Google Adsense. I added it to the sidebar to see if anyone click on the links. People do click the links, however I am not getting any revenue from the clicks. Well sometimes I do and sometimes I do not. It is weird. Another thing that is weird is that it almost always has ads for other blogs. Like the only keyword that the ads pick up is that of blog. It is annoying. Adsense is supposed to pick up on the content of your website. This website is not about blogs! I have links for Beer, Transformers, Musicians. And all google picks out is the word blog. I am trying another experiment and adding the ads to the bottom of each post. Just some small text stuff to see if that makes a difference in the content of the ads.

Since the google ads seemed to be only showing up for the first post of the page. I figured that the ads would work the same way, nope. ads ended up afixing themselves to each post. But you know what that is fine. I beleive in I think it is one of the best websites ever. I own stock in the company and I think that their affiliate program is just about the best around. I set up Flatwater Bookstore through them and it gets hits from time to time. I think I’ve had 8 books purchased through the site. So I’ll stick with

I am going to clean up the sidebar and take off the non specific ads. I’m leaving the Firefly DVD’s and Harry Potter VI ads because I think everyone should own their own copies of these items. They will give you much enjoyment.