An All American Hot Dog Day

Photo-A-Day #2656

This week National Hot Dog Month 2012 Tour is a close to home week starting right off with a location mere blocks from my house. I’m talking about Tex Barry’s Coney Island Diner in downtown Attleboro. I met Rob around 10am to take photos and help with the videos. I met the owner of Tex Barry’s, Arthur, to take some video and and learn more about Tex Barry’s. Later on Allison came down with the kids so we could have lunch together. The kids had their All American Hot Dog shirts on and Eva as so excited about being part of the tour.

I ordered some chili dogs for Allison and I and a dog with ketchup for Eva. She was very quiet about ordering it with ketchup because she knows what Rob thinks about ketchup on a hot dog but it is okay for kids under 18 years old according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. I got our food and took it over to the Balfour park which is right next door so we could have a picnic lunch together.

After lunch Allison took Andrew home and I took Eva over to the playground for a little while. It was hot so we only stayed for a short time. We called my Uncle to see if we could stop by to use the pool. We ended up going to my Aunt’s house where we played in the pool for a few hours and then had dinner there. It was a nice day and we enjoyed it very much.