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An All American Hot Dog Day

Photo-A-Day #2656

This week National Hot Dog Month 2012 Tour is a close to home week starting right off with a location mere blocks from my house. I’m talking about Tex Barry’s Coney Island Diner in downtown Attleboro. I met Rob around 10am to take photos and help with the videos. I met the owner of Tex Barry’s, Arthur, to take some video and and learn more about Tex Barry’s. Later on Allison came down with the kids so we could have lunch together. The kids had their All American Hot Dog shirts on and Eva as so excited about being part of the tour. Continue reading An All American Hot Dog Day

Forget Cheezburger

Photo-A-Day #2654

People often ask me if I ever get to the end of the day and I haven’t taken a picture. What do I do then? Well, I do something goofy like this. I get an idea in my head and take a photo, add text and also add another photo to the original photo and make something. Since this month is National Hot Dog Month and I am not able to go on the trips on the weekends I still want to have a little connection to the tour. I’ll be back on the tour on Monday when we roll through my town and the surrounding areas. These trips are so much closer to home. Here’s the schedule.

July 16: Tex Barry’s, Attleborough, MA

July 17: Beezer’s, Northborough, MA

July 18: Olneyville New York System Providence, RI

July 19: Tex Barry’s, Taunton, MA

July 20: That’s My Dog, Wrentham, MA

You can see our adventures at HotDogStories.com or the Facebook page for Hot Dog Stories. That is where I post the photos from the trips.