Bones Hs/Ss 11/15/06

BONES – We were promised two hours of Bones, a two hour Bones “EVENT”. I am so sick of Fox throwing around the word “EVENT”. Not everything is an “EVENT” and one hour of new Bones and one hour of repeat Bones an certainly does not qualify as an “EVENT.” That aside, the first episode last night was a new one and it was very intense and showed a lot of character development.

The relationships between our main characters as well as the secondary characters were enhanced in this episode. Bones and Hodgens are captured by “The Grave Digger.” “GD” kidnaps his victims and buries them alive and then makes a demand of money to be wired to an untraceable account. That is it, no call backs no negotiation. Pay the ransom and you are given the coordinates to find your kidnap victims. Bones is the target of this kidnapping but Hodgens ends up also being kidnapped as well as being struck by a car. Putting these two in the car was genius writing. Both are brilliant and their skills came into play to survive. We learn more about Hodgen’s love for Angela, these kids have to get together. Bones finally learns that Hodgens is so rich he could buy and sell small islands on a daily basis. Seeing Booth pull Bones from the ground, he loves her and we all know it, but he also has that relationship with Cam. The discussions between Bones and Booth about religion are wonderful. I love that Booth is a Catholic with conviction in his faith. It is nice to see characters who are Catholic portrayed in a good light. Booth’s prayer of thanks at the end was heartbreaking and so moving. Angela and Hodgens after he was saved.

What I didn’t like was the fact that last night they previewed the next episode and there was no mention of the “GD” storyline, are they going to keep looking for this guy? I also thought that they made a reveal of the “GD” identity very early, but that must be a red herring. I also hated that FOX is advertising the OJ Simpson special and hate Fox for even giving voice to that trash.

Despite the second episode being a repeat I had not seen it so that turned out okay.

BONES – I was pretty ticked when we found out that the second hour was a repeat – I was so wrapped up in the Grave Digger storyline – and there were too many loose ends for my liking. But the character development was FABULOUS! I hope Angela wises up and gives Hodgens another chance. I like the developments with Booth and Bones, too. I’m not really feeling the physical relationship with him and Cam, but whatever. It was a great episode. The re-run was good too, just not what we were expecting.