Bones: The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond

If you haven’t seen it check out the Hulu video. Spoilers below.

Last night Allison and I watched Bones. I was wondering when we would see Zack back on the show.

The episode begins with a young couple who have just done it in a warehouse in a truck. They finish up with a couple of Big Gulps. The boy needs to relieve himself so he runs over to a standing pool and urinates in it. To his horror he turns the water purple. He screams to the girl about her having other partners before him. His horror is not over as he suddenly gets a shock of a lifetime as an arm, leg and torso rises to the top of the pool.

Bones Press Conference at the San Diego Comic Con in California

Cut to Sweets at the psychiatric institution with Zack. Zack has let his hair grow out and is still as brilliant as ever. Sweets is trying to convince him that he was delusional but Zack maintains that he was wrong and not delusional. Sweets decides to give it up for a bit and goes to leave but his card will not work. Foreshadowing, people…

Booth and Bones arrive at the warehouse. Another FBI agent makes an innocent comment to Bones and Booth jumps all over him and to her defense. This is new and I wonder exactly where this is coming from, was Booth threatened by Bones’ boyfriends those past episodes? Either way they discover that the body is in 12 pieces and it is missing a head, but the cell phone and shoes are intact.

Is it me or has the name Addison been used many times this season? I think that may be in my head because of Zack’s last name of Addy. Well, the victim’s name is Jared Addison and he is an obsessive compulsive who is also 25 years old and collects toys and has a collection of special order shoes. The shoes are all the same, his room is precisely ordered as well. Bones displays her trademark warmth when she and Booth visit the mother of Jared Addison. Here we learn that Jared was a science fiction author. We also learn that he checked into a hotel to complete his latest book.

Back in the lab there is another new intern named Wendell, he is one of the best and brightest when it comes to his work. He is also easily confused when ti comes to relationships. Hodgins is trying out his being angry and he comes very close to pissing off Cam. She tells him exactly where the line is and he backs off. Despite being angry he does respect her. The source of his anger this week is that Cam wants him to move into Zack’s work space. This is something that Hodgins just can’t do. Good quote from Hodgins – “If you want to make a change, you make a change,” Hodgins says. “Otherwise, you let me do my job.”

Booth brings Sweets in to assess the victim’s room. He tells Booth and Bones that Jared was obsessive compulsive and that a major trauma to his routine must have disrupted his world. Sweets puts himself into the mind of our victim and concludes that it must be sex. So Booth and Sweets looks for a “masturbatory aid” and find a photo of a very mature woman in one of Jared’s shoes. To which Bones asks, “Do all boys keep their masturbatory aids in their shoes?”. Who knows Bones, who knows but we do know where to look at Booth’s place.

Booth and Bones find the woman whose name is Kelly. Jared asked her to marry him. She tells Booth that Jared was at a hotel attending a behavior modification class. While Booth is interrogating Sweets is going along talking to Bones and he also has the mic on to the earpiece that Booth is wearing. This comes back up later.

Bones goes back tot he Jeffersonian where she talks with Wendell, who is actually very astute and continues to come up with impressive finds. He notices a “boxer’s fracture” on the victim. This suggests that Jared hit someone before he died and he also didn’t know how to hit correctly. Bones is impressed and then asks Wendell if he ever thought of having relations with an older woman. Bones is asking for research but Wendell is all sorts of nervous about this. He thinks that Bones is hitting on him.

Hodgins visits Zack in the psych ward and gives him a riddle to solve, which Zack does in minutes. Hodgins also leaves the case file with Zack to see if he can find something that they missed. Can Hodgins do that with an open homicide investigation?

Booth and Bones hit the hotel and look for clues there. They arrive to see a behavior modification class where the germaphobes are being told to put their hands in mud and to put it on themselves. There is also some other things where they have to take a mint out of a toilet and place it on their tongue for 10 seconds. I’m not a germaphobe but that just can’t be sanitary. While there a man named Ralph confesses to killing Jared.

Ralph is a little out there, he is so OCD that if he does not eat at exactly 8:14 according to his watch then the person closest to him dies. And they say that Zack is delusional. But he does provide a clue and explain that JAred went for coffee near the hotel.

Booth and Brennan go to the coffee bar and talk to the clerk. The clerk said that Jared visited the coffee bar many times and he was a pain. Jared kept making him wash and rewash his hands. However the last time he came in he actually shook the guy’s hand and apologized. The coffee is significant because coffee grounds were found int he soles of Jared’s shoes along with seaweed. It also looks like the behavior modification was working.

Angela gets info off Jared’s cell phone and it is for his old publisher, Forward Retro. Forward Retro dropped Jared after his second book and refused to talk to him again. Jared kept calling the publisher every day at the same time. Booth and Bones question the publisher and find that because Jared wouldn’t go meet his fans he had to hire someone else to do it and that fake author began to write his own stuff and it was good so he kept the fake author and dumped Jared. The publisher however is missing a tooth. Apparently Jared came to the office and said he was cured of the OCD. The publisher said he wasn’t interested and so Jared hit him with his bare hand. This convinced the publisher that he was cured and so he rehired him because unmasking the true Jared Addison would have sold a ton of books.

The publisher also knocks Bones a bit about her writing. It must have hit her hard because later she erases her latest book and throws out the hard copy. Booth stops her and reveals that he has read every one of her books (a fact he has denied in the past) and explains that he was in her real life and didn’t want to also get caught up in her fantasy one too.

Hodgins hatches the single fly egg and determines that it is a type of fly that needs to be in a humid environment. Well, Kelly owns a greenhouse and so Booth, Bones and Hodgins go there to investigate. While they are there they meet Kelly’s son, who is older than Jared. He tells them that Jared came to ask his permission to marry his mother and he said no that he would not give Jared his blessing. Bones tests a shovel that has many flies swarming it for blood and gets a positive hit with the Phenolphthalein. However it is later discovered that potatoes can also give this false positive. How come they didn’t already know that? This is discovered after the guy is brought in for interrogation. Cam reveals that it was potatoes on the shovel. Dead End. Or is it because one Mr. Zack Addy enters the lab and tells them that he knows “where to find the victim’s head.”

What, Zack got out? Actually yes, but he escaped using Dr. Sweet’s visitor badge, just the magnetic strip. No time to put Zack back in the psych ward there is a killer that needs to be found. The big secret revolves around the number 12. Zack explains the significance of 12 through a series of photos of Jared’s home, his name and many other things too. The one thing that didn’t add up was the garden where there were 12 gnomes but only one bird bath.

Here Sweets takes over and explains that Jared’s mother was OCD too and she was threatened that Jared was overcoming his disorder. Because of this Jared was destroying his mother’s patterns. Booth and Bones go to arrest the mother. The rest of the team minus Sweets goes to the diner with Zack? Sure they miss him but wouldn’t Booth have dropped him back at the psych ward before they went to get the mom. The mom had no way of knowing that they were on to her so she would have kept. Meanwhile Zack has escaped and I know that Booth is not at all comfortable with what he did so I would have thought that he would have put him right back in. Lance however goes to the ward and waits for Booth to bring Zack. No one told him it was going to be a while? Odd?

Booth again does something I would have though uncharacteristic, he leaves Zack in the care of Sweets and goes to a sporting event. I guess this just sets up the big bomb that Zack didn’t actually kill anyone even though he confessed to murder. He tells Sweets that he would have killed if the Master had asked him to. But Sweets counters that Zack couldn’t possibly know that because unless he was actually in the situation he does not know exactly how he would react. Zack swears Lance to secrecy because if they find that he did not murder someone and he is not crazy then he may go to real prison and “I would not do well there.”

It was a very good episode overall and it looks like even though Wendell was a very competent intern the revolving intern door is gonna keep swinging. Allison liked him too and he had an interesting story. The thing about his father and the cigarette the fact that his whole town of blue collar folks sent him to school and he felt so indebted to them. Oh well, I wonder who is gonna be an intern next week.

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  1. I found it hilarious when Constance asked the intern about older women and he assumed she wanted an affair with him.

    I have never met anyone as direct & socially awkward as Dr. Brennan, IRL.

    It would be interesting, though. 🙂

    Angelikas last blog post..My definition of Feminism

  2. Angelika,
    Yeah the social awkwardness of Temperance (still a virtue but not Constance) Brennan (Bones) makes for some really fun stuff. I did like how the guy went to Angela and then Angela assumed something about him. It was really well done.

  3. Dude, I really couldn’t remember her name AT ALL, LOL.

    I just knew it was something that ended with “ance”.

    How can I watch a show and not know the characters?

    I wanted to say something about Seely Booth too, but I couldn’t remember his name. Only Angel, LOL.

    Angelikas last blog post..My definition of Feminism

  4. Angleika,
    That is okay. I apparently said that Michael Knight of the original Knight Rider was a bad guy but in fact he was a good cop. My bad.

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