Waiting a Moment

Waiting a Moment
Photo-A-Day #1266

and still waiting a couple of days later. My Dad picked us up a ComCast HD/DVR cable box the other day and I set it up on Tuesday, it is now Thursday and this is still the screen. I’ve been on the phone with ComCast but have not gotten a straight answer as to whenever I need cables to go from the component plugs to the TV AND the cable itself to go from the Cable Box to the TV. I mistakenly had Dad pick up an HDMI cable but the TV does not have an HDMI plug. It has an HD plug for computers because it is an LCD/HD TV. So I will pick up a different set of plugs tomorrow, I hope that will help the situation.

You might also notice that the DVDs and the Wii are up higher. We’ve emptied out the bottom as a place to put Eva’s toys, this way when she pulls things off the bottom shelf she can actually play with them.

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  1. Do whut, now?

    Everything you said was Greek to me.

    But if it helps, the cable (from outside) goes directly to the DVR & then the cables from the DVR (audio/video) go to the TV.

    I don’t have HDTV so I don’t know how that will work for you.

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  2. Angelika,
    I also have a DVD/VCR. I have the cable from outside going to the DVR/Cable Box and then the cable going from the DVR to the DVD/VCR and then that cable to the TV. I see the on screen guide (pictured) but not an actual picture. I’ll get the HD cables tomorrow though. We shall see.

  3. I’ve never had comcast-but when you do get them on the horn make sure that you don’t have a “recycled” dvr box. I had that issue with Time Warner when I lived in Maine. Turned out that it took (and I’m not exaggerating!!) 6…yes 6 trips to the office and 6 different dvrs to get a brand new one. And the only reason I got a new one was because I laughed when she handed me one with BURN marks on it!!! Good luck!!

  4. Well, I have my DVR on one of the “other” channels on my tv. I have DVD1, DVD2, Main & Front, so the DVD is on a different channel than the “main” DVR/Cable.

    But, yeah. If the new cables don’t work, do what Mo said. I think this is my 4th DVR. My mother is on her 6th or something.

    Once you finally get the channels, make sure you dust the back of the box (the air vents) frequently because clogged vents will cause overheating which will shut down your box.

    They are temperamental little things, but I couldn’t live without it.

    Angelikas last blog post..My definition of Feminism

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