So, I broke down in my car this morning directly outside of the Hopkinton State Park. I was scheduled for the car to have service on Friday because the engine light came on back on October 13th.

I had gotten back from my last trip and noticed that the light had come on when I started the car in the parking garage. I was nervous about it, but having been in cars with the engine light on before I didn’t think it was that imperative. I mean all of the cars from Masscoach always have their check engine lights on. Regardless, I called for service first thing on October 14th in the morning to make an appointment. I was told by the service department that if the light was not blinking and if I did not notice anything unusual while I drove I should be fine. Also I should unscrew the gas cap and screw it back on because that will reset the light. I guess if the gas cap is not on tight enough that can set off the check engine light. Good to know. Well, I did that and a couple of days later the light went off. Good.

However, this morning as I turned off the highway to take the scenic route on route 85 through Hopkinton I noticed the light came back on again. As I was about to pass the entrance to the Hopkinton State Park the oil light came on, the car rumbled and the power steering cut out. Luckily I was able to pull off to the side of the road, put on my hazards and call for Triple A. I called Triple A, they told me that they were sending out Arts of Milford. The call to Triple A went in at 6:44am. I was told it would be about 1 hour. At 7:23am I got a call from Triple A to let me know I should be taken care of within a half hour. I called Triple A again at 8:22am and was told another half hour. I guess when one has plenty of time to wait around and can write their blog posts from their Pocket PC, they take notice of the details.

At 8:25am I got a call from Arts Towing to let me know that they are backed up and a truck will be along in a half hour. That truck arrived at 8:45am and I was on my way by 8:47am. The driver was really skilled at hooking up cars.

While I was waiting around I had my hazards on and I can’t believe that a couple of cars pulled up behind me and honked because they thought I was turning into the park and was just sitting there waiting to turn. A school bus that wanted to pull in and turn around did this first and then an older man who must have been going for a morning walk around the park pulled up and waited for quite a while. I’m stopped my hazards are on. Guess what genius, I’m not going anywhere soon.

The tow truck driver brought me to the Honda dealership and I got checked in, the car may or may not be ready for me today, who knows. I got a quick ride over to work and now that is where I am.

But since I always have my camera with me, I recorded this morning’s adventure. Check it out on my Breakdown Gallery at Buzznet. It is almost as boring as waiting there with me.