Design a Credit Card…

No, not the APR and things like that but rather the design the image on the credit card. This is a promotion that is going on right now from PayJr. The PAYjr Visa Buxx Competition gives you a chance to upload an image that could be selected to win the competition and not only that if people who get the card choose your image then you get royalties. When else have you heard about credit cards paying you rather than the other way around. Here are some sample designs.

Did you notice that the people on the cards were young? That is because PayJr is a card that parents can get for their teens and prepay the amount, so it is great for allowance, and teaching kids about credit and money. Plus with the card having a set amount on it your kids can’t spend more than what is on the card.

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2 thoughts on “Design a Credit Card…”

  1. Considering you can win an Apple laptop and royalties for your picture, I think I will definitely be making a submission 😉

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