Photo-A-Day #832 07/19/07

An interesting light fixture

I spent much of my day traveling. 3:45am wake up, 6:00am flight to Washington Dulles, 9:02am flight to Pittsburgh, 3 hour drive to Parkersburg, WV. Check in in the pouring rain to The Blennerhassett hotel, Nap for 4 hours, eat dinner, blog. My day in a nutshell.

The flights were good, what I remember of them because I used the time to both read the book The Expectant Father and pass out asleep over and over in succession. I lost my noise canceling headphones so listening to my iPod was a futile experience on the plane. However I did catch up on the PhotoWalking Scoble Show podcasts featuring Thomas Hawk. I need to get out to the West coast to go one one of these PhotoWalks to do one of my own on the East coast. It looks like such a fun time. Just by watching these podcasts made me think about looking around wherever I walked for something interesting to shot in macro. Thomas Hawk shoots some fantastic macro stuff and I am always fascinated at how simple objects that I would normally pass by become amazing shots when he shoots them in macro. So while I was walking around the Blennerhasset I started taking some macro shots of the detail work in the hotel.

My first attempt was the bottom of a light fixture, I had the flash on for the first try and then took it off to get today’s photo. Here is what it looks like with the flash.

Photo-A-Day #832b 07/19/07

I recently joined the photo hosting site Zooomr which I learned about because I follow Thomas Hawk’s Blog. He is an amazing photographer. Watching Photowalking 9: Dream Machines makes we excited for the next car show so I can pay more attention to the beautiful macro details rather than just take pictures of the sweet cars. So anyway I am on Zooomr now. And I am also now on Pownce. I have 6 invites to give away to the first 6 people who ask for them.

Another image I took today was of the detail above a sconce. This gives me a real vibe like I am in the Mummy’s tomb or something like that.

Photo-A-Day #832c 07/19/07l

This photo is on Flickr. I am going to be posting on both for a while, actually all three. Flickr, Zooomr and Buzznet. Buzznet will have the Photo-A-Day, Flicker will get sets of things from trips and stuff and the bonus Photo-A-Day pictures, Macro Mondays and Green Thumb Sunday. Zooomr will get the best of the best of my images.

There is just so much to do with these images, for one thing I would like to make sure I geotag each one from now on. That is a cool thing to be able to go to an address and see if images were taken there. So much to do so little time.

Today I stopped at a side of the road, little town BBQ for a pulled pork sandwich. The place was called the Dancing Donkey.

Photo-A-Day #832d 07/19/07l

The food was pretty good, the sauce was tasty and the fresh cut fries were excellent. However the pulled pork was fatty, one piece in particular that soured me to the rest of the sandwich. But I it wasn’t too bad a lunch.

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  1. Well as us rednecks say down here I’ma votin’ so you just photoin’—-I hope you are moving up:) BTW—lovely image!!~Jackie

  2. Jackie, glad you liked today’s photo. I’ve been moving a little bit but still at 6th place for Photography Blog of the Year. I need a boost to get higher.

  3. Hi there Utah, The name is what got me too, I love little roadside places with character. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  4. Hi B.E.D.,
    It certainly does look like a flower and I liked the detail of the image so I snapped the photo. I appreciate the comments. Thanks.

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